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Quality of life includes quality of vision – even for people with larger pupils, thin corneas, or dry eyes. If you’re an individual with one or more of these eye conditions, traditional vision corrective procedures may not work for you. Fortunately, NVISION offers PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) surgery, a laser vision correction procedure for people with many types of corneal issues.


Introduced in the 1980s, PRK eye surgery is the predecessor to the LASIK procedure. It has successfully transformed the vision of millions of people with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.


And just like other laser vision correction procedures, PRK surgery can improve your vision to the point where you no longer need eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Transfom your vision with PRK

What is PRK Eye Surgery like?

The PRK eye surgery requires no scalpel or incision. During the procedure, NVISION surgeons use an excimer laser to remove your cornea’s outer skin (instead of creating a flap). The same laser is then used to reshape the exposed cornea. Your surface skin then grows back during the next few days.


The PRK eye surgery takes just 30 to 60 seconds, and a clear bandage contact lens is placed on your cornea for protection immediately afterwards. Prescription eye drops are typically used for several months following your procedure, and you’ll be fitted with bandage contact lenses for a few days to maximize your comfort while your eyes heal.


With PRK, only one of your eyes is usually treated per surgery day, although your surgeon may decide to treat both of your eyes on the same visit.

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Is PRK right for me?

When it comes to PRK eye surgery, very few clinics are as comprehensive or experienced as NVISION Eye Centers. Here we utilize every tool, technique and option available to help you achieve life-changing results. PRK eye surgery does offer some advantages over LASIK, particularly if you have thin corneas or other corneal issues. But only an eye doctor can help determine the best procedure for your individual needs.


Murrieta Optometric offers free consultations to help determine if you’re a good candidate for PRK surgery.


At NVISION, we can also treat a variety of eye conditions with vision correction procedures and technologies that may not otherwise be available in your area. In fact, we regularly treat patients who simply can’t be helped by other providers due to limitations in their experience or equipment. Contact us today to schedule your free vision correction consultation.